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Happy Days

Happy Days

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"To happiness!"

If you were free from all forms of fear, who would you allow yourself to be?
Gabrielle Bernstein, author of multiple New York Times bestsellers , reveals how to heal trauma, unlearn fear, and remember love.
What if, every morning, you could get up with peace of mind? By knowing that your past has a purpose, and without harboring regret. What if you could live happily, peacefully and without fear? It's possible ! Gabrielle shows you the way.
This inspiring new book offers you its most powerful teachings: a program to transform the suffering of your past, whatever it may be, into strength and freedom. “To happiness!”

• why most people feel stuck in patterns that make them unhappy, and what you can do;
• transformative, yet unexploited, techniques to achieve serenity and peace: they range from processes for "becoming one's own parent" to bodily practices allowing the release of blocked energy linked to past traumas;
• how to change your mindset;
• how to explore the spaces within yourself that scare you and emerge freer than ever.


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