STONES by lauraluise & Co was imagined and created in 2021 by myself, Laura.

I was in deep mourning following the death of my mother. I needed to discover a new meaning to my professional life and a space in which I could flourish by immersing myself in my imagination and my creative soul to rediscover the joys of life.

So the idea of ​​STONES came to me (I have the strong impression that my Mom had a lot to do with it)… a place that brings together all my passions with the aim of opening you to the spiritual world in a joyful way, fun, simple and accessible. 

I searched for a long time to find suppliers who met my ethical requirements. I only want to offer you the best so everything you find on the site has been carefully selected, with my heart being the guide.

In this adventure I have on my ship a great team of creative women with whom I collaborate, all to take you on a journey to a better world! 

You come with us?